New book with my recent poems

I am Maria Afroditi Patsi, an optimist that loves writing mostly poems about love.

Just a Preview

You get a full experience of poetry through all senses!

The Cool Stuff

Not just one more poetry book!

Augmented Reality

You see the poems come to life.

Hand Drawn

Every page has its own artwork

About me

Was born in Ioannina – Greece.

Studied in the U.S (School of Arts and Sciences,extension,Harvard/USA)
(Brevard College, Graduate School of Design).

Now working on my PhD in Data Science with M.I.T

Lved and worked in the U.S for 7 years until 2011.
Participated in numerous exhibitions for:
-Broadway Gallery NYC,NYC/USA
-Jewish Culture Gallery NYC/USA
-New York Gallery Week,NYC/USA
-Gallery Row,LA/USA
-La Luz,LA/USA
-Art Fusion,MIA/USA
-Art Miami,MIA/USA

In 2016 won 2 “Hermes Creative Awards” (Platinum & Gold) and 1 honorable mention. Hermes Awards are considered the “Oscars” of design field.

Currently live and work in Athens / Greece as a Creative Director

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